Rapid Response

Immediate response service – Expect to receive responses within the hour. Most basic quotes (depending on complexity) will be back to you within minutes. Contact us to establish account today.

No account no Quote. Simple.

One of the most important factors are establishing account and have a valid resellers account on file.

No account? No Quote!

W-9 anyone can sign a PDF saying they have one but to proof it wis waste of time so the actual copy of reseller permit from the state you are doing business in is huge time server.

We know how to stop the counterfeiting that is devastating our market, No export no Import you are eliminating 90% of the problem. We do not export, we do not purchase from unknown resellers overseas.

In today’s environment it’s better to contact with social media. since most people are on one of or other. we find Linkedin to be the best secure communication.

Our dedicated account representative’s are on most of the day our time in P.S.T.

Some may find them during after hours and that is a luxury.


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