ARLINGTON, Va. – The Army will select to experiment with networks, cyber, electromagnetic warfare, small drones and loitering munitions while on overseas deployments as the service seeks to strike the right balance for these rapidly evolving tools.

Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Randy George repeatedly emphasized the push, dubbed “transforming in contact” as a new way to experiment in realistic scenarios and get “bottom-up” feedback from soldiers and units during a Tuesday event at the Association of the U.S. Army headquarters.

“We have a starting point, but the view is we’re going to see a lot of refinements in the field,” George said.

The plan includes adjusting the size and equipment for the brigade’s network, changing the type and number of small drones, electromagnetic warfare and cyber capabilities, loitering munitions and robotics in the formations.

And the chief expects the units to come back with recommendations for the type of equipment they need and where in the formation it should be housed. He also expects the answers to vary.


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