Add configuration value without adding overhead

With customers demanding great service and fast turnaround on technology deployment, We respond quickly on every order regardless of its size.

And when your business model is designed to integrate technology and add value, the challenge is clear: how do you resource for growth and high volume opportunities without adding up front cost? And if you don’t invest, how will you ever be ready for more business without scrambling to meet commitments?

Add service without adding overhead

Sonic has made the investment for you. With benches and technicians on staff working multiple shifts, Sonic has built the largest integration centre of its kind  And that translates into greater power for you to leverage for your customers!

React quickly to customer needs

Whether you’re selling to one of your small business accounts or to a large corporation or enterprise, you need to react quickly to their individual requirements. Tech Data’s ability to supply and stage inventory, configure the product, and ship to an end user directly under our private label program ” can help you manage a specific customer install date and potentially save days off delivery time.

High volume capabilities

The facility’s bench capacity can accommodate up to 360 desktops/laptops or 270 servers at any time, which can equate to a throughput capability of over a thousand units a day. From small projects to multi-destination roll-outs, we can help you secure opportunities and deliver results.

We offer fast standard order turnaround as well as a rush order program, so you can deliver customized, user-ready products to your customers without missing a beat.