Buy Now and Pay Later

When purchaser want to buy something either in a physical store or online, the constant problem is how much budget is allocate to it or what is the maximum credit card allowed are for this charge the moment.

Some Companies have decided to purchase the product they want after three months because it free up their capital and give them freedom to pay when they want.

It works in some cases, but eventually, you will face an urgent need for equipment or gadget. What will you do? Or what if the item has limited supplies?

Good thing many payment schemes are now available and one of the buyers’ most preferred choices is the “buy now pay later” scheme (BNPL).

Some companies offer BNPL services.

  1. Affirm -has 0 fines for late fees.
  2. Sezzle – applied 0 amount for late payments.
  3. Afterpay – this company charges 8% as a penalty for the overdue payment.
  4. Splitit – this company charged 0 percent for lapsed.
  5. Perpay – no penalties for late payers.
  6. Paypal Pay in 4 – 0 penalties for its customers who paid late.
  7. Klarna – depends on chosen BNPL structure.

These companies have different options you can prefer. Some offer good deals on various types of purchases and with specific clients.

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