Fitting into a single handheld 28 pound transit case for rapid mobility, the ground satellite network communications kit known as the Global Rapid Response Information Package (GRRIP) provides secure, beyond-line-of-sight voice and data communications without the need for local network infrastructure, so Soldiers can communicate anytime and anywhere on the planet.

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The air jumpable GRRIP provides initial entry capability and situational awareness in air-to-land missions, enabling Soldiers to stay connected and informed. GRRIPs can also support special small team elements that require network connectivity in austere environments in later phases of operations.

Equipment failures are the biggest setback to Rapid Response

The GRRIP is small enough to fit into the overhead bin of commercial aircraft and sets up rapidly. The system provides both enterprise and tactical network communication, either through the Defense Information Systems Network (DISN) or a Global Agile Integrated Transport (GAIT) connection to a Regional Hub Node (RHN), enabling initial entry units and elements at the tactical edge to exchange critical information (data/voice). GRRIP provides classified and unclassified communications to forces operating in austere and demanding environments, who do not have access to the network equipment and infrastructure of established forward operating bases. This commercial-off-the-shelf terminal is designed for small teams entering locations where the infrastructure has either been dismantled, destroyed or is non-existent.


  • Network communications from anywhere on the planet no reconfiguration and uses L-Band based satellite access
  • Fits into a single handheld transit case for rapid mobility and force scalability
  • Provides both enterprise and tactical network communication either through the DISN or a GAIT connection to a RHN
  • Continued communications and situational awareness from early entry to the tactical edge in more mature operations
  • Can be configured for use on Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPR) Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router (NIPR) or coalition networks