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The leadership within Cisco Customer Experience (CX) mirrors our strong commitment to providing unparalleled and meaningful experiences to our customers. As Alvio Barrios, Senior Vice President of CX Future Technology & Investments, embarks on retirement from Cisco, I want to reflect on the pivotal role he held within our #CiscoCX team. His expertise, insights, and experiences have guided our strategies and fueled innovation in ways that have truly made a difference.

To fully grasp the scope of his impact, I encourage you to view this video ( and delve into his blog on how his Cuban-American heritage shaped his rise to a significant leadership role at Cisco. His mantra, “Let’s Just Go!”, embodies his proactive approach to life and work, which has undeniably influenced his substantial contributions to our organization.

The distinctive footprint Alvio has left on our organization is best demonstrated by his involvement in:

– Advancing Automation and AI to enhance customer experience and facilitate ongoing transformation.

– Orchestrating the journey of Success Tracks from ground zero to a billion-dollar success story.

– Shaping the evolution of Cisco Learning into the innovative Cisco U. framework.

– Redefining professional services by transitioning to an outcome-based approach that facilitates a stronger emphasis on customer success.

Alvio anticipates #AI and #automation to persist in enhancing efficiency, identifying the following developments as key indicators of our trajectory:

The transformation of Cisco’s Managed Services and Technical Assistance Center (TAC) to prioritize automated service requests further enhances our process efficiency and service delivery. Looking ahead, Alvio expects AI and automation to continue driving efficiency gains across numerous processes.

– The push towards implementing more automation and AI toolkits that will empower our consulting engineers, enhancing their ability to manage and deliver workloads with greater efficiency.

Reflecting on his tenure, Alvio deeply values the enduring friendships and bonds he’s formed that will undoubtedly last a lifetime. Emphasizing the significance of balance, he shared the necessity of not only working hard, but also savoring moments of joy and fun with colleagues.

Thank you, Alvio, for your unwavering dedication and vision. Your impact on #CiscoCX is immeasurable and will be felt for years to come.

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