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Juniper MX2K-MPC8E 960Gbps, 2-slot Modular Line Card



Juniper Networks MX2K-MPC8E 960Gbps, 2-slot Modular Line Card


  • Junos OS Release 15.1F5 with Junos Continuity

  • Junos OS release 16.1R1 and later


  • Weight: 31.4 lb (14.24 kg) (net weight without blank panels)

  • Model number: MX2K-MPC8E

  • Name in the CLI: MPC8E 3D

Hardware features

  • Line-rate throughput of up to 960 Gbps on the MX2000 routers.

  • Line-rate throughput of up to 1600 Gbps (1.6 Tbps) on the MX2000 routers with software upgrade.


    Starting from Junos OS Release 16.1R1, you can upgrade MPC8E to provide an increased bandwidth of 1600 Gbps (1.6 Tbps) by using an add-on license. After you perform the upgrade, MPC8E provides a bandwidth of 1.6 Tbps, which is equivalent to the bandwidth of MPC9E. However, the MPC continues to be identified as MPC8E.

  • Four Packet Forwarding Engines, each providing a maximum bandwidth of 240 Gbps in normal mode and 400 Gbps in 1.6Tbps upgraded mode. A license is required to operate in 1.6 Tbps upgraded mode.

  • Supports two MICs. For information about which MICs are supported on this MPC, see MIC/MPC Compatibility.

  • Junos Trio chipsets for increased scaling for bandwidth, subscribers, and services.

  • Supports the Switch Fabric Boards SFB and SFB2. When MPC8E is used with SFB, the line-rate throughput is limited to 800 Gbps.

  • Supports maximum transmission units (MTUs) from 256 bytes through 16,000 bytes for transit traffic, and from 256 bytes through 9,500 bytes for host bound packets.

Software features

  • Dynamic power management for effective utilization of available power.

  • Inline flow monitoring for higher scalability and performance.

  • Flexible queuing using an add-on license to support 32,000 queues per line card, including queues on both ingress and egress interfaces. You can use an additional license to support up to 512,000 queues per slot or 1,000,000 queues per slot.

  • Hyper mode to speed up packet processing.

  • Optical diagnostics and related alarms.

For more information about features supported on MPC8E, see Protocols and Applications Supported by the MPC8E and MPC9E on the MX2010 and MX2020 Routers.

Power requirements

(without MICs)

Normal mode with line-rate throughput of 960 Gbps:

  • Typical: 688 W

  • At different temperatures:

    55° C: 805 W

    40° C: 720 W

    25° C: 690 W

Upgrade mode with line-rate throughput of 1.6 Tbps:

  • Typical: 838 W

  • At different temperatures:

    55° C: 1018 W

    40° C: 870 W

    25° C: 840 W


OK/FAIL LED, one bicolor:

  • Steady green—MPC is functioning normally.

  • Yellow—MPC has failed.