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Dataram 64GB HPE DDR4-2933 2RX4 RDIMM 5YZ57AA, P00930-B21, P19045-B21


64GB HPE DDR4-2933 2RX4 RDIMM 5YZ57AA, P00930-B21, P19045-B21


Dataram 64GB DDR4 SDRAM Memory Module – For Computer/Server – 64 GB (1 x 64GB) – DDR4-2933/PC4-23466 DDR4 SDRAM – 2933 MHz – CL21 – Registered, Buffered – 288-pin – DIMM – Lifetime Warranty

  • Up to 2933 MHz speed with CL21 latency for smooth computer performance
  • Whether you are playing games, using heavy loaded OS or video editing software, the DIMM 64 GB of memory will make them run in a flash
  • DDR4 SDRAM interface multiplexes 2-bit data from memory cell and I/O buses to minimize processor idle time and enhance your computer’s performance
  • Allow convenient and fast access to the stored information your computer is actively using for maximum efficiency
  • Computer/Server device support for your ram module for maximum productivity and convenience
  • DIMM form factor with 288-pin pins and 64 GB memory size for enhanced performance and speed to allow maximum usability
  • Registered signal processing allows convenient and easy reconfiguration according to your requirements
  • 1 x 64GB modules for enhanced memory reliability and productivity
  • 288-pin pins for faster, dependable performance and better access to data and information
  • CL21 CAS latency for faster, dependable clock cycles which allows quick access and retrieval of data and information

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