Mist Marvis Overview

Marvis is the first network assistant in the industry to bring conversational AI to networking, transforming the way IT teams interact and engage with enterprise networks.

In the era of AIOps, Marvis delivers streamlined operations, simplified troubleshooting and remarkable user experiences. Since 2016, the Mist AI engine has applied various data science tools to continue to learn and improve, expanding its knowledge base as it becomes a fundamental component of The Self-Driving Network™.


Conversational interfaces have come a long way to become a part of our everyday lives, evolving the way humans interact with computers—the most well-known ones being Siri, Cortana and Alexa. It has become an area of strategic investment across several industries, including banking, retail, healthcare, etc. as organizations look to streamline operations and deliver personalized experiences to end users. And now, Juniper Mist is the first to bring a conversational interface enterprise networking, driven by Mist AI.

Marvis enriches its Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities with Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Language Generation (NLG) to offer a conversational interface that understands user intent and delivers improved value and quality of returned results. The power of the Marvis conversational interface is that it can contextualize requests to accelerate troubleshooting workflows, automate responses and make intelligent decisions or recommendations to:

  • Get real time answers about the network in a few clicks
  • Troubleshoot issues for rapid resolution by taking action directly in the conversation
  • Deduce user intent from general statements and inquiries using advanced NLP with NLU and NLG
  • Improve specific user experiences by learning from user feedback
  • Ask generic questions beyond troubleshooting, like “What are you?” or “What is the weather?” or “How many iPhones are connected?” and “What was the number of peak devices in the office last week?”

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