Welcome to Sonic Components

At Sonic Components we come to work every day because we want to help you to connect with your assets, people and processes.

We are a knowledgeable provider of Telecom and I.t Resources along withRFID and IoT Solutions. Our team is passionate and driven to deliver on a range of small to large scale projects. We pride ourselves on giving the best end user support and maintenance possible to our clients, and we aim to build long lasting relationships.

  • Technology company headquartered in San Francisco, CA area

  • Minority Women-Owned Small Business (WoSB)

  • 35+ years of collective experience deploying enterprise solutions in Healthcare, Federal, Defense, Telecom, Aviation, Retail, Oil & Gas, Supply Chain & Logistics

Key areas of focus:

  • Telecom, I.T products, AutoID, RFID (active & passive), Satellite, GPS, BLE, IoT, Machine to Machine (M2M)

  • Asset tracking, Chain of custody, Compliance

  • Data collection and analytics

  • Consulting, Business process mapping, Workflow optimization

  • Product development life cycle experience (from idea to production)


“Where do we start? What technology will work and how do I implement? What data is relevant? Will this be too difficult for our business? How will the technology impact our current process” – These are some of the questions and concerns, our clients have when they begin their journey.

To stay ahead of the competition and be a leader within your industry, it is vital that you embrace the right technologies with the right touch points with your business process, such that it provides the required visibility and outcomes for your success.

We love to intelligently and efficiently connect our customers with their three most important resources – People, Assets and Process.

Our team is made up of self-starters and experienced people that design and deploy enterprise class IoT / RFID / Wireless Sensor / M2M systems.

Our team will work tirelessly to ensure that the proposed solution, designed to meet your business objectives is successfully deployed and operational on time and within budget. We follow this with professional training, operational support & maintenance, meet key performance metrics, but more importantly work with your team to identify new opportunities and continuous improvements such that your organization achieves the following benefits:

  • End to end visibility

  • Relevant data collection and intelligence

  • Improved efficiency and accuracy

  • Improved safety and compliance

  • Return on Investment (RoI)

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