Asset Disposition Service

When it comes to the end of life for your technology assets, let a trusted partner Sonic Components Global Lifecycle Management (GLM) help you to get the most value out of your investment, while safely and securely disposing of your IT equipment. Sonic Components specializes in disposing of equipment in a way that’s both economical to you and eco-friendly to our environment while also remaining compliant with federal, state and local laws governing the destruction of data for security purposes.

Increase Product Value for Future Investment

Optimize the way you manage your product lifecycle. Once your product reaches the end of its useful life, there are money to be made from recovery, of its value, refurbishment, recycling and even proper disposal. This is capital you can invest back into innovation and growing your business.

Data Privacy Compliance

Sonic Components chain of custody policy allows Our data erasure and sanitization services ensure that all sensitive data is completely removed from end-of-life assets.

Controlling and end-of-life IT assets can be complex — so let Sonic Components handle it for you. As fast as technology is evolving, there is an even faster rate at which technology is aging. From ensuring compliance with data privacy laws, evaluating the best financial return from your disposition options and using environmentally friendly practices, Sonic Components brings decades of experience to your firm. We believe reverse logistics is just as important as your forward logistics — the entire product and customer lifecycle matters.

Our people are our the difference

Industry research shows that having the right ITAD provider maximizes your returns and minimizes risk. Our people are experienced, highly skilled at managing value recapture and backed with a high-quality infrastructure and the certifications and standards you expect from us.

Value Recapture Analysis

You have options for your end-of-life assets, including repair, refurbishment and recycling. We’ll help you evaluate the option or combination of options that best meets your goals.

Market Valuation in current market

Whether through authorized secondary markets or commodity markets, our ability to price fairly is based on knowledge and experience. Economic forces drive product prices at a daily rate, and our team of technical and financial experts stays up to date and informed, returning the most value to you.

Capture SLA Compliance and Performance

We will work to meet your SLAs at the performance level you expect and deserve. Your assets will run through our state-of-the-art facilities and be worked on by our certified engineers to produce quality outcomes promptly.

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