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Financial Technology

Technology-driven innovation in the finance industry (also known as financial technology) is gaining momentum. This trend is directly linked to financial services becoming more accessible to the general public. The use of smartphones for mobile banking, investing, borrowing services, are some examples.

One of the key implications of FinTech is the need for banks to simplify and cut back technology estates that have become bloated in scale and complexity. For many, the cost and resource burden of maintaining legacy systems has become unsustainable and urgent action is neede

Support the Financial Services

Here at Sonic Components, we support the financial services industry with IT and telecom hardware decommissioning programmes specifically aligned to your needs. We enforce stringent security standards and have clearance to operate within banking premises.

Clients value our professional approach and the substantial financial returns that can come from the resale of their out of service hardware. A recent example of our work for a leading global bank featured the legacy Nortel 5200 platform, which generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for the client as a result.

End-to-end service support

With solutions designed with your unique business in mind, we are here for all your telecom network needs.

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